New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial 2016

Happy almost New Year! (Sorry there isn’t a creative title!) I can’t wait for a new start and a new journey for my blog. For this special occasion, I decided to create a fun New Years Eve look for you to try. It is just a little bold (just a little), but anyone can rock…… Continue reading New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial 2016


Jeans from Heaven 

After a gorgeous holiday with friends and family, there was only one thing left todo… GO SHOPPING! My dad and I headed out to a mall in Rancho Cucamonga yesterday to get our shopping fix in. We had a great time, but we forgot about how much traffic there would be on the freeway. Luckily, our…… Continue reading Jeans from Heaven 

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Just a Pinch of Christmas

Happy Holidays! Yesterday (after 3 rainy days), I was finally able to go out and get some fresh air! My dad and little sister wanted to go to the movies and drive around town. I agreed, and being the crazy person I am, I put on a fuzzy sweater and pencil skirt to strut around town…… Continue reading Just a Pinch of Christmas