Jeans from Heaven 

After a gorgeous holiday with friends and family, there was only one thing left todo… GO SHOPPING! My dad and I headed out to a mall in Rancho Cucamonga yesterday to get our shopping fix in.

We had a great time, but we forgot about how much traffic there would be on the freeway. Luckily, our GPS took us all the way around town to avoid an extra hour of traffic.

Even though there was tons of traffic, I kept on tripping on the cracks in the concrete, and I wasn’t able to find the coat I was looking for, I had a great time! But afterwards, I actually went online and was able to get the coat I was looking for on! (If you would like a review on SheIn, just comment down below or contact me on any of my social medias!)

Today, it was all about the jeans. When we went to Beverly Hills for my birthday, my mom got me these jeans as a present from the GUESS on Rodeo Drive. They have such a great fit. I also decided to wear two tops. The black top is from Aeropostale, and the grey cropped sweater is from Forever 21. If you ever have the same problem as me (when you are so tall that some crop tops look like a bra on you), just wear a little bit of a longer, snug crop top underneath. The booties are from Forever 21. For the jewelry, my pinky ring is from Charlotte Russe, my bracelet was a present, my choker is from Tilly’s, and my sunglasses are from Forever 21. I really like this outfit, especially the pairing of the GUESS jeans and the booties. That is it for today! Don’t forget to #restylestereotypes in life and on social media!

Ana Marquise


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