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Just a Pinch of Christmas

Happy Holidays! Yesterday (after 3 rainy days), I was finally able to go out and get some fresh air! My dad and little sister wanted to go to the movies and drive around town. I agreed, and being the crazy person I am, I put on a fuzzy sweater and pencil skirt to strut around town in.

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It was super freezing out (The high was 47 degrees Fahrenheit), but I still wore my skirt and booties. The movie theater was really warm, especially with the new recliners. Cinemark recently added their luxury recliners to our theater and it is the best idea that has ever been placed on planet Earth (after fashion of course!).  This post is not sponsored I just really love their recliners!

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Also, we wanted to go to the far side of town to see the snow, and we found a really good photo opportunity (Well, my dad did).

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Now to the actual outfit part! I started this outfit with a fuzzy, pink sweater from Forever 21. I always suggest starting an outfit off with one piece, and style your outfit around that piece. This will help you avoid the :’I have nothing to wear!’ fiasco. I also paired it with a basic pencil skirt with a slit in the back. My skirt is from Forever 21, but you can find one anywhere. I put on my favorite Forever 21 booties. To add a holiday twist, I put on a pair of Christmas socks (Do not mind my gnarly scar I got a few weeks ago. Comment down below if you want me to include the story in another post). I wanted to stay away from the crisp breeze, so I also added an oversized denim jacket from Forever 21. For extra accessories, I have a gold shoulder bag from an outside market, some Christmas bow earrings from a boutique, and my sunglasses from Forever 21 (If you can’t tell, I love forever 21!). I feel some people can get a little crazy with outfits leading up to Christmas, but I feel this outfit is perfect with it’s subtle touches. I hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to #restylestereotypes.

Ana Marquise


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